Cutie Poo Pups

    I know you care about your pups and would probably love to hear an update. My husband and I adopted Ivy from the litter with Ivan, Isaiah, Izzy and Indigo. We have named her Maple because although she is mostly black she looks like she had a drizzle of maple syrup on her with some brown. She is extremely playful and happy. She is in love with her big sister Zoe. She just got spayed and did great with the operation. Thank you for taking such good care of them when they are tiny so I could get to take care of her when she grows! Enclosed is a picture of her today when she got her 2nd groom and a picture from just a few days ago when she was still all fluffy with her sister.


Hi Melissa!
Just a note......we are COMPLETELY in love...Hank is a dream've done the work and that does not escape me....THANK YOU for being such a loving breeder momma. He is an absolutely perfect puppy... 

Hi Melissa,
This is Debbie Cornette. Last August my family and I adopted our sooooo cute Cavalier Logan. He turned 1 on April 3.
Logan is such a love, and a cuddle bug. We absolutely love him to bits! He is the perfect dog for us. Now that he is 1, he has been on guard when my husband leaves for his overnight job. He will bark and let me know if someone is near the house. I've got a great little guard dog. LOL. He loves walking on the Doodle Trail and watching the trains come through town.
Thank you for your hard work with breeding and raising your dogs. We will hopefully get Logan a friend and walking partner in the future. 
I have attached some photos for you to enjoy.
Debbie Cornette

Hi Melissa,
We want to tell you what a precious bundle of joy our little boy is. We got him from you on December 23 and decided to change his name. He is happy, well- bred, thrives on ritual and lots of love. The work you put into his 1st 12 wks, show everyday. He is teething and is easily redirected to his own ( and many) chew toys when he decides to munch on something that he shouldn't. He wants to please!!! I've never seen a dog who is so tuned in to what is going on around him. All it takes to stop any behavior that's not acceptable is a look. His sweet eyes are soft and warm but alert. I've only trimmed his face and head. His coat is curly and I hate to have him trimmed yet. It doesn't matt as long as I brush him everyday. As you can see in his picture, he is very alert. What a love bug! BUT! He's also independent and secure. Loves our 10 yr old cat and they are happier together every day. Thank you for breeding such a well balanced and healthy puppy. He's a good eater and dearly loves his crate at night. House training is almost complete since we haven't let him have all of the rooms in the house to roam. He goes to the door with the bells and then comes back to find the human on puppy watch:). Now if we ask"do you need to go outside?" He scoots back to the door. He had an awful lot of cold rainy weather to deal with when he needed to go out very often.
He will be 5 months old February 26 and weights rt at 5 pounds. Vet VERY pleased with his temperament and health. Socially he is loves everyone and all animals. Sweet little boy and we thank you for that.
I hope this picture and message finds you.
Hugs to you from Cooper. We hope you like his name. :).
Loretta and Mike Lewis
Wilmington, NC.

None of us could imagine life without her; she's a delight.  Thank you for blessing our lives with her.  My daughter and son in law plan of adopting her a playmate , from you, in the near future.


My friend purchased a puppy from you from my birthday. I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful she is.  Bailey was known as "Fancy" before she came to live with me.  She is a Malipoo.  I simply love her to death.  She is so sweet and SMART I swear she knows more than I will ever be able to teach her.  She is nearly potty trained and the crate training was a snap.  she loves her crate and will put herself to bed at night if I stay up to long.  She has a campanion that is a Morkie and they love to run and play.  Bailey loves the cat as well.   She has learned to sit stay and lay down working on sitting up.  She runs and runs and runs when she gets to play with the larger dogs.  Thank you for being such a caring thoughtful breeder.  I will send photos if you would like.  The vet says Bailey is Very healthy and happy.  She doesnt care much for thunder and lightening so on those nights she gets to sleep with Momma!  Again thank you for my best friend.  Sheri

This is Ava today is her birthday she is 1. She is 3.5 lbs and let me tell you she is a show stopper everywhere I take her people have to stop and ask about her and I tell everyone about you. We live in Texas now but when we went to the vet in North Little Rock the vet asked for your name she was so impressed with Ava. Now in Texas I took her to the vet to get her toenails cut and again they were crazy about her. They threw such a fit over her I said “I know y’all see a lot of  dogs is she really as cute as I think she is”? There response was she is one of the cutest they have seen. Her personality it capturing. Here is her pic. We are having her birthday party tonight. The whole family is coming to celebrate. She is so loved. 

This is Jiggy the shih tzu.

Thought u might like to see how Hershey is turning out. Just beautiful. 
Doing really good!

I just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful puppy!! We love Posy so much. She is almost six months old now, and she knows so many commands - sit, stay, down, and come...we are working on shake and she knows what I mean when I say kennel, outside, and treat ;) . She really never barks either.
She is THE BEST dog!  We just love her so much. I figured you might like to see an updated picture. We just got her groomed for the first time a few weeks ago.