Cutie Poo Pups

Feeding Your Toy Size Puppy

I will send your puppy home with a sample bag of nutri source small breed puppy.  I prefer you not switch immediately but If you decide to switch there will be enough to mix with the new food for a slow transition.  DO NOT FEED YOUR PUPPY CANNED FOOD unless you are only using it to stimulate him to eat his dry kibble.  He will get diarrhea. Your puppy has been eating dry kibble since he was 6 weeks old.  Mix a little canned food into his dry kibble only if he is slow to eat once you first get him home.

If you decide on another brand make sure the kibble size is small enough for the toy size puppy to chew.  Make sure it is a puppy formula

Please do not feed your puppy cheap dog food.  Stay away from Walmart and grocery stores.  Buy a high quality food with little fillers.   Eukanuba,  Blue Buffalo, Wellness these are good brands.  

Your puppy will need to eat throughout the day.  At least three to four times.  You can also leave his food out for him   It will not be necessary to add water to his kibble or mix it with canned food unless he is slow to eat.  If so then mix some Royal canine puppy mouse or some chicken baby food with his dry kibble only about a teaspoon...

I would start out offering him a third of a cup and then adjust as needed.  I free feed the pups so you will have to adjust his feedings according to his needs and size.  If there is food left over then good .  If not then offer more. 

Please make sure your puppy gets enough to eat.  Hypoglycemia is a result of burning more calories then consuming.  

I am often asked what schedule has the puppy been on.  Well I free feed my pups.  They have access to feed at all times until they are around 5 months old.  I then will start scheduling them to two to three times a day.  I feed nutri source chicken and rice small breed puppy.  It is not available at petsmart or petco.  Google it online to find a retailer in your area.  You may also switch to another brand.