I have taken the liberty to answer some questions that families are encourage to ask and to tell you a bit about me and my family.

My husband and I along with our three kids live on a farm in central Arkansas close to Conway.  I have two daughters 13 and 14 and one son 10.  I have two grown daughters and 5 grandsons.  I am a registered neonatal intensive care nurse.  I have been a professional breeder for 15 years.  My husband works on the farm which means the animals are cared for 24 hours seven days a week.  I have staff that also help out with the care the animals need on a daily basis.  My home is a very busy one.  My kids play sports and are involved with the care of animals as well.  We dedicate our lives to the dogs and it is very important to me that I breed and raise the best puppy I can.  I want my pups to become a part of your family and I get great joy and satisfaction in offering families the happiness and love that a puppy can bring.  It makes what I do worth every minute of it. 

1.  What kind of lifestyle does this breed require?   You should research the breed you are interested in!  Know the exercise, grooming, health concerns, personality traits, size standards and life span of the breed you are interested in.  It is your responsibility to decide if the breed you have chosen will be a good fit for your lifestyle.  The breeder has no way of knowing what your life style is or what you do on a daily basis.  This does not mean you are not allowed to ask questions but you should already have a general knowledge of the breed in question.

2.  What personality traits should I be informed about?  Is the puppy shy or timid, hyper overactive, or balanced?  I will be more than happy to share your new puppy’s personality traits with you.  I also offer videos that shed some insight on your puppies personality. 

3.  Can I meet the puppies mother and father?  Most of my pups are sold online.  I am happy to send photos of the parents.  If I do not have photos then please allow me time to get some.  My adult dogs are healthy happy sound dogs.  I make sure to only breed dogs that are free of genetic and health issues.  Each one is carefully screen so as to ensure the right temperament needed to make a wonderful family pet.  I only breed to the correct standard for the breed. 

4.  May I visit where the puppies are raised?    Due the risk of parvo and other deadly canine viruses and bacteria exposure, I do not allow the public access to the nursery. Just like a newborn nursery in a hospital my babies have to stay in a quiet calm stress free environment. It is very upsetting for the moms to see strangers around their babies.  A newborn puppy up to the age of 6 weeks is very fragile and vulnerable.   This policy is to protect your puppy and puppies that are already promised to go to new homes.  It is a policy of protection only. 

5.  How many litters do you have a year?  That is a question that is impossible to answer.   My female dogs are only mated when they are in top physical condition.  Sometimes once a year.  Sometimes every other year.  There are so many variables that determine if a female should be bred and when she is ready to breed.  If in question my vet and I will determine if a female dog is in her prime and ready.  I never will breed one of my girls if she is not physically or emotionally ready to handle her pregnancy and a healthy litter of puppies. 

6.  What happens to your retired breeding dogs? Some live there life here with me and I adopt some out to families that are looking for a mature dog rather than a puppy.

7.  What age can the puppies go to new homes?  That depends.  Most at 8 weeks but for the smaller ones when they are ready.  I will decide when they are ready and I will never push a puppy out the door unless I and my vet know that they are ready to make the transition.

8.What do you feed your puppies?  I feed nutri source small breed puppy.

9. What immunization protocol do your puppies follow?  This can be found on my website under vaccination protocol.  Your new puppy will come with age appropriate vaccinations and worming.  I will send a shot record for you to give to your vet.  All pups will have at least a 6 week puppy vaccination and a bordatella vaccination.

10.  How many different breeds do you breed?  Each one of my breeds is listed on my website.

11.  How do you socialize and train your puppies?   My house is a full one.  I have three children still at home and five grandsons that come to see MiMi on a regular basis.  The pups are never starved for attention.  I have staff that help with clean up.  They too play a huge role in the hands on socialization that your new puppy receives.  The puppies have play time outside and in the house.  They are exposed to many sounds and to other animals as well.   The puppies are born in playpen crates so the crate is not new to them.  I do not have the chance to do much with potty training because the pups are usually gone by the age of 8 weeks.  I do however offer some great tips on potty training.  You can find those on my website

12.  Are you involved with any breeder associations.  All of my time is committed to the welfare and the care of the dogs and the puppies.  The dedication I give my dogs and my family leaves me very little time to be involved with breed clubs. 

13.  Do you have references and do you guarantee your puppies?   My vet is Dr Chris Magie at Magie Vet Clinic 501-977-0063.  He sees me and my pups on a weekly basis.  Please call his office if you need a reference.    My 5 year guarantee along with the terms and conditions or contract can be seen on my site as well. 

14.  Do you require a spay neuter contract?  Yes all of my pups are to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age determined by your veterinarian.  

15.  Can you take additional photos or a photo with a sign?   I keep my site updated on a daily basis.  I update photos every two weeks. I do not take photos with signs.  If a video of the puppies and a call to my vet for a reference is not enough then I encourage you to find a local breeder.  Shopping for a puppy online is not for you.   I offer videos of the pups around the age of 5 weeks when their personalities are starting to emerge.  The video offers assurance I have the puppies in my possession.  I own the parents to my pups.  I get multiple emails a day asking about the same puppy.  I cannot take a new photo of the pups every day or with every request.  Please keep that in mind.  The photo you see on my site is a current up to date picture.  It represents the dog and is what the pup looks like on the day you are inquiring about him or her.

16.  Are your puppies registered? All of my adult dogs are registered.  I only breed from full blooded registered breeds in order to get F1 hybrid designer puppies.  Your purebred puppy will come with a registration paper from an accredited kennel club. 

17.  What does my puppy come with?   Each puppy will receive a sample bag of nutri source small breed puppy.  An up to date vaccination and worming record.  A copy of my health guarantee and a terms and conditions page.  A puppy care booklet.  His or her registration papers.    A head to toe vet examination with a negative fecal.  A life time of breeder support.  

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