Cutie Poo Pups

Potty training is the most difficult task that comes with a new puppy.  The key to successful potty training is to use the crate.  A puppy will not soil where he sleeps.  So he must sleep in the crate.  NOT your bed until he is potty trained.  The crate will become his den.  Once he has associated the crate as his den then you will be able to control potty time.  

First thing in the morning take your puppy out.  Put him in the area of the yard that you want him to potty.  He will go back to that area.   Praise him and give him an all natural treat for a job well done.  

Feed him breakfast and then you will have to take him out again within 5 to 30 minutes of eating.   They will usually potty after eating.

Puppy is allowed to stay out of the crate for an hour or so. Keep him confined to a small area of the house no rugs.  Put him back in the crate for about an hour and then back outside for a potty break. 

Ok so he did not go when you put him outside.  He wanted to play.  Give him about 5 minutes.  No potty back in the crate he goes.  Wait about 10 minutes then outside again.  Keep repeating this until he goes.  They give him praise a treat and let him stay out of his crate for awhile.  

Repeat this process thru the day.   At night you will put him to bed on your schedule and get up at least once with him.  If not you will wake up to a stinky dog and a mess to clean up. 

Do not expect too much too soon.  

Do not let him sleep with you a few nights and then start the crate training.  

Do not hit him or rub his nose in his mess when he has an accident.

Do praise him and use a word to associate potty time.

Do not put him outside after the accident he will just play and not get what you are doing.  Key is before the accident.  If you catch him in the act a stern no and outside.  

Be patient and please understand toy breed puppies have small bladders and do not have control until about 12 to 14 weeks old.  If you can not get your puppy trained then YOU are doing something wrong not him.  Call me I will help. 

If your puppy cries when you put him in the crate it is ok.   Do not take him out when he is crying.  You are reinforcing bad behavior.  Put his crate in an area of the house that is quiet and away from your bedroom.  Put a blanket or a towel over his crate to make it dark.  Do not put his food or water bowl in his crate.  He needs a designated area to sleep and one to eat and drink.