Cutie Poo Pups

I am going to explain the purchasing process.  Once you have decided you want to purchase a puppy from cutie poo pups.  You will need to contact me from my contact us page letting me know which puppy you are interested in and if you need delivery.  I am located in central Arkansas.    Next email me the answers that I ask on the puppy adoption application located at the bottom of this page.  This is not a fillable form.. You must email the answers to the questions.  Then you will leave a $300 deposit by clicking on the "Leave Deposit" page in the main menu bar.  This will secure the puppy of your choice until delivery or pickup arrangements can be made.  Please note I take cash on pick up only.  If you need delivery please contact me directly.  

Puppy Adoption Application


Please provide me with your Name Address Phone # and Email Address.

Which puppy or puppies are you interested in: Name Breed and Sex?

What are the ages of all the children in the home?

Please provide your vets name and phone number.

Do you work outside of the home and if so how long would the puppy be alone?

Do you have other pets in the home?  Breed and How Many?

Do you have knowledge about the breed in question?  Please elaborate.

Do you have intentions of breeding the dog or pet only? Please note my puppies are required to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age!!

Are you knowledgeable about raising a toy size puppy?  Please elaborate.

Do you have a fenced yard or a safe outside area for the dog to get exercise?

How do you plan on providing enough exercise for the dog?

Do you plan on keeping the dog in the house?

Are you knowledgeable about potty training a toy size puppy?

Do you plan on taking your new puppy to training classes?

Do you have any health issues that would or could prevent you from handling the stress or the physical demands of a new puppy?

Please provide me a general description of how your puppy will spend his day with you and your family. 

Please make sure to read my health and genetic guarantee  posted under adoption process.  You must have a vet appointment within 48 hours of your puppies arrival or pick up day.  I suggest you have the scheduled before you get the puppy not wait until the day you pick him or her up..

Thank you for choosing me to be your breeder.  Please contact me directly if you or your new puppy need anything.