The address for pick up is 4406 hwy 9 springfield Ar. 72027.  There is a store there called Birdtown Country Store.  There is a community park across the street from the store.  Please park there.   Meeting times are by appointment only Monday thru Friday.  Please bring cash on pick up.  If you must use a card then there is a 3% processing fee added to the final balance.  

Puppies must be picked up in person or delivered in person.  This way you are allowed the opportunity to inspect hold and view your puppy prior to purchasing him or her. If you are unable to personally pick your puppy up within a 5 to 6 hour radius of Morrilton Arkansas we can personally deliver your puppy to you.  My daughter can deliver to Memphis Tn,  Vicksburg Ms,  Shreveport La,  Dallas Texas,  out skirts of St. Louis, and Oklahoma City.... along with any other town in our 6 hour radius. You will pay for your puppy once you have had a chance to personally interact with your new family member.   The fee for personal delivery is based on distance.  6 hour trip one way is $575.00   5 hour trip is $525.00.  A 4 hour trip is $425.  A 3 hour trip is $325.00 and a 1 to 2 hour trip is $250.  This is in addition to the price of the puppy.  If you are within the 5 to 6 hour radius I would prefer that you use this personal delivery service as it is easier on the puppy.   If you need delivery farther than 6 hours we will need to give you a quote over the phone.  Please note we are still limited to a certain areas.  


Cutie Poo Pups