Cutie Poo Pups

If you are within a 5 to 6 hour radius of Morrilton Arkansas my daughter Kassidy can personally deliver your puppy to you.  She knows your puppy personally and will provide the best of care.  She has routes that go thru Memphis Tn,  Vicksburg Ms,  Shreveport La,  Dallas Texas,  out skirts of St. Louis, and Oklahoma City....  as well as areas along the way.  The fee for personal delivery is based on distance.  5 hour trip one way is $450.  3 hour trip is $275 and a 4 hour trip is $375.  1 to 2 hour trip is $200.  This is in addition to the price of the puppy.  If you are within the 5 to 6 hour radius I would prefer that you use this personal delivery service as it is easier on the puppy.  This is if you are not able to pick the puppy up.  

 If you are in need of a flight nanny service here is a link to D@D Doggie Delivery.  Their flight nanny service is $475 to $575 depending upon distance from Little Rock Arkansas.. You will book your flight with them not me.  Once I have a release date for your puppy and note the puppy must be 8 weeks old  I will give it to you and then you will contact the flight nanny.  Do not contact them before you know the release date.  I understand for planning purposes you want to know when you can get your puppy asap but I will not always have that info until I start the weaning process.  I work with this nanny service on a regular basis so they have my information.  You will need to tell them I am the breeder and your puppy will weigh less than 3.5 pounds.  The flight nanny usually delivers your puppy on Thursdays.  So the Thursday following your puppies 8 week birthday is the day of release unless your puppy needs more time.  The flight nanny will fly in cabin with your puppy and you will meet them both at the airport when their flight lands. 
Thank you  

D&D Doggie Delivery Phone Number

(704) 615-2705 and 615-625-4118 if you cannot reach them by phone then contact them via facebook by clicking on the blue tab.  Please do a group text including both phone numbers when you reach out to D@D.  This will ensure a faster response time...

The address for pick up is 4406 hwy 9 springfield Ar. 72027.  There is a store there called Birdtown Country Store.  Please park in the open lot next to the store.. Meeting time is 10am on Saturdays.  I do not do Sunday pick up. Please bring cash on pick up.  If you must use a card then there is a 3% processing fee added to the final balance.