Neopar Parvo Vaccine: (Given at 5 wks)            


 Oral Bordatella Bronchiseptica (Given at 5 wks)    


 5 Way Puppy Shot (Given at 6 wks)              


 5 Way With Corona (Given at 9 wks)              


 5  Way With Corona (Given at 12 wks)            


 6 Way With Corona (Given at 16 wks)             
Rabies:  Given at any age past the age of 12 weeks.  The rabies vaccination will only be administered by my vet if the puppy is being delivered.  

 Puppies are wormed at 2 weeks and 4 weeks of age prior to weaning with Pyran for three consecutive days. The following dates indicate worming post weaning.

 Panacur for three consecutive days (Given at 6 weeks)            

 Panacur for three consecutive days (Given at 9 weeks)            

 Panacur for three  consecutive days (Given at 12 weeks)     

 Your puppies have been given probiotics and coconut oil for added immune system protection.  

Cutie Poos Vaccination Protocol

Cutie Poo Pups

Your new puppy will arrive up to date on his worming and vaccinations.  If I am asked to hold or board your puppy past the age of when he is ready to be released then any additional vaccinations administered will be at the new owners expense.  The additional vaccinations are $25 each.  Thank you