Cutie Poo Pups

A  Cavaton Puppy is a rare designer hybrid breed.  The vatton or Cavaton puppy is a mix between a cavalier king charles spaniel and a coton de tulear.  Almost identical to a cavapoo.  Same sweet nature size and still considered to be a hypoallergenic minimal shedding dog. This is the ultimate designer puppy.  Minimal to non shedding and absolutely adorable.  Average size is 12 to 14 pounds.  Males are $1300 and Females are $1500.  The cavatons or vattons come in the same colors as the cavapoos.  Ruby ,blenheim, and  tri .  New vattons coming July 2020.  These babies are the Louis Vatton of puppies.  I know spelled Vatton wrong but do not want to get sued... The photo below is a vatton puppy that has already been adopted..